How I chose the right printing company

How I chose the right printing company

Welcome to my first EVER blog! I thought I’d talk a bit about the wonderful printing company I use as I’m often asked by customers where I get my cards and prints produced. There is also a video interview I did with Gary during the middle of Lockdown, feel free to have a watch a little further down the page - its a ’meet the Artist’ kinda interview.

I first met Bob and Gary from PhotoArt GB around 7 or 8 years ago after trawling the internet for a local printing specialist that could print cards as well as my illustrations and fine-art work. I’ve always liked to support local and these chaps were only 20 minutes away on the outskirts of Cambridge.

On first meeting I knew they were ‘The Ones’ .. easy to chat to, accommodating, and above all else they stated that “we will work all night if we have to, to get the job done” - after I’d asked about tight deadlines and my customer ‘demands’… not sure if Gary will actually remember saying this but it clinched the deal for me! Oh, and most importantly, the fact that they were able to deal with everything over email rather than fax (like my previous printers…).

I need a company that are easy to communicate with, what I mean by that is being open and honest right from the start, about things like costings/timings/deadlines/expectations etc treat me as a customer not the other way round (another story.. and I think I may have needed reassurance to start with..!!) these things all sound quite ‘obvious’ but you don’t want to find out that you’re both singing from different song sheets half way into a large project. This is your business and having such things as ‘costs upfront’ is key to pricing your work.

Print quality is desperately important when having prints made of your work. There's nothing worse than badly matched colours (Print v’s original), you want the colours to be correct - you painted them that way! Photo Art are passionate about high standards and pleasing their customers, I sometimes can’t tell the original from the print after everything’s been framed up - I actually sold an original thinking it was a print - so if anyone has bought a Thaxted Swan Hotel and Bunting picture, just check to see if you have a Wiseman original lurking in the frame as you’ve bagged yourself a right bargain!

These two are great to work with as they know exactly how I work- haphazardly, no Photoshop skills and ‘can I have this by yesterday please?’ Oh, and ‘I need you to resize this image for me and move those spots from here -> to here <-. Thanks’. Thank the Lord, nothing is too much trouble. In true supportive style they even came to visit me at my first trade fair at the NEC in Birmingham (I say first, as my ‘actual’ first trade fair was a complete disaster - but thats another story to!). Above all else, they are very skilled at working with Artists, we are a funny old breed!

As well as using PhotoART GB, I’ve now branched out and found a specialist card printing company called Windles, based in Thame. They can add foil and glitter to a few of my designs which I really love.

Browse my range of Greetings Cards and Framed Prints to see the marvellous end results for yourselves!

Till next time,

Helen x


"Beautiful work, 5 stars. I love Helen's work and gave her a brief to create a bespoke picture on behalf of a client. She nailed it first time! Absolutely blown away by the details, the concept and her style. Totally in love!"

"My children have grown up with Helen's work, in their bedrooms, on badges and in our family room. From dinosaurs to nostalgic pictures of home when we lived abroad, Helen's work captures a spirit of light-hearted fun - it's impossible to not feel cheerful!"

"Beautifully illustrated cards, which have proved very popular in our in shop. Our customers are very complimentary and I like the fact they are by a local artist - Catherine, a trade customer from The Toy Box in Saffron Walden."

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